"For all those who ask me how do I achieve my dreams? here my secret #TheMycahShow Visioning®program"

-Alexis Head, President and Owner of Ocean Blue World


"Never have I felt more confident, full of hope inspiration and determination as I continue on my path of my own  Happiness, with the life coaching of Mycah Lee Arellano-Blake and The Mycah Show the introduction of Visioning® methods."

- Soraya Ho Sing Loy (Client)


The Mycah Show is impactful, inspiring and bring the community together for a greater good  

-Chef Police Jessica Robledo, Pflugerville, TexaS

You have impacted my life in ways beyond belief.. words can't describe the motivation you have  instilled in me.. you empowered me to remeber that I have a voice, that I matter, and that I'm valuable, beautiful, and most importantly that with or without a man I am content with my life.. you taught me about parental engagement, healthy relationships, and how to trim the "fat" the excess to people who no longer serve me no purpose. 

SPod Profe, @instagram Fan, Texas





"The Visioning methods of #TheMycahShow taught me have helped me overcome the mental barriers and fears that caused chaos and lack of productivity"


- Robert Blake, president of XANEGY

#themycahshow a great friend, community leader, and motivator for kids who need a role model, Mycah has brought such value to Central Texas school systems, his credo is YOU are the Driver of Your Child Bus ™ His anti-bullying awareness campaign has tought parents to engage on their child's lives.

- @timvalderrama


May God Bless you Always and all you do... Be Our Voice...

-Linda Fleming, Teacher, Austin, Texas

Mycah has an intuitive ability of weaving his bigger than life personality and profoundly heartfelt wisdom into a memorable event. I recommend his programs to any group which needs some moral boosting or new direction.

Dr. Marsha Nelson, CJEA, San antonio , TX