Mycah Lee Arellano-Blake has over 25 years of nonprofit professional and volunteer leadership, management, resource development, and communications experience focusing on education, governance, parental engagement capacity, strategic thinking, board engagement, professional and organizational development, and advocacy.

Mycah is known as a passionate, strong, community leader. He founded Project Insight in 2001 - an initiative to empower individuals by promoting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being through offering creative healing and educational tools. He is a licensed and certified substance abuse clinician and certified life coach through the Creative Journal Expression of Art Therapy.

Mycah Lee Arellano-Blake was born in South Texas, in Edinburg, and was raised along with his five siblings by his single mother. He spent his formative years in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood commonly known as the Barrio (the ghetto). It was in the barrio where Mycah held onto a dream that he wanted a better life for himself and his family.

With the rapid growth of Latino families across the United States, raising awareness amongst Hispanic parents through an academic talk show felt important to Mycah. With the help of an involved committee, he created the "Eagle Talk Show," the first bilingual academic talk show in the State of Texas, to raise awareness of the value of parental involvement. The goal of the show was to inspire parents to encourage their children to focus on academics, to educate parents on the importance of listening to their children in order to support their dreams, and to promote learning of the resources available to help empower children. The show had over 80 thousand viewers when it aired 3x week.